An app that unites all your smart home devices. It can take care of most tasks related to comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and more. Giving the user more time to enjoy life. Remotely control and personalize your smart home with Uni.



The idea of Uni comes from a problem that I encounter daily, and after research I found many users are encountering too. People think it’s too much trouble managing their smart devices from different places. How can we create a platform that allows them to do that in one place?




User Research
  • Analogous & competitive research
  • User interviews
  • Affinity mapping
  • Synthesizing research

UX Design
  • Lo, mid, hi-fi prototypes
  • AB testing

Hero flow

Lo-fi prototype general flow.

Lo-fi prototype onboarding flow.

Mid-fi prototype - navigation bar. There are 4 sections: Central, Room, Category, and Setting.
Icon set.
Final design for onboarding flow.
Final design for the navigation bar. The user can choose to view what devices are on or off in 3 different ways—Central, Room, Category.
In the Category tab, after selecting a function, the user can adjust the percentage of usage for diffreent spaces separately, or turn them all on or off at once by clicking the toggle switch on the top right.
In the Room tab, users could view all the currently active devices, and can adjust them inside each room. The ones that are inactive or off are displayed with a solid black background.