River is a 2-day music retreat dedicated to the healing power of nature. The event will be held in Grace Farms, a non-profit center in New Canaan, Connecticut that is dedicated to advancing faith, nature, arts, community and justice initiatives. Guests are able to connect with the natural world around them in this private sanctuary. It’s an event of undeclared beauty that speaks to serenity and balance.
The atmosphere is tranquil and free from clutter and distractions, that nurture guests on their journey of personal discovery and create an experience that is intimate and transformative. To disconnect from the everyday and return to the simplicity of self, River reaches beyond music festival expectations to create individualized experiences that integrate the physical, mental and spiritual nature of our guests, encourgaging discovery and connection with the natural bounty that surrounds us.

↑ The River building—made from glass, concrete, steel, and wood—includes a 700-seat amphitheater/sanctuary; a library; a commons space offering snacks; tea pavilion; and a sunken court for recreation and performance. Two restored barns are used as a visitor center, classrooms, and offices. It is so named because it features a single meandering river-like roof that connects the spaces, which follows the curves of the hill it was built on.
The theme of the music that will be played in the event is lo-fi—a genre of music that mashes up traditional hip-hop and jazz elements to create an atmospheric, instrumental soundscape. Raw, emotional, relaxing, and sentimental are the key of River.

A 3-column grid system was first created based on the 3 curves of the building. It then expands into various numbers of grids.

The event’s map inside River’s app was recreated based on the actual topographic map of the venue.