In the times of Coronavirus, now is a moment of history we feel our emotions more than ever. Tens of millions of people are diagnosed every year with mental health problems - anxiety, depression, substance abuse. Even for people who haven't been diagnosed with anything, this is a really anxious time. And the things that we use to cope, like therapy and group meetings, aren't possible because of social distancing.
Allthefeels is an online platform for people to exchange feelings and emotions, spread inspirations, and have fun. For people to seek emotional shelter. Introducing a series of essays, short stories, and poems.

Infinite scrolling of the homepage creates a linear structure that shows all the emotion stories people shared in chronological order.

↑ Inside each story the user can explore different hashtags and link to other stories.

There is a corresponding artwork for each story curated by the platform admin. The user can see the image or artwork after their story is posted, and is able to click on it to learn about the artwork and its creator. Allowing the user to learn something new creatively or to simply get inspired.

Inside Catalog, the user can choose to search for content by Artist, Date, Emotion, or Hashtag in alpabetical order. 

The user can share their own story in the Share page.